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"Persia is Glory of the Ancient Civilization of the World "

An ancient Susiana civilization were among the first civilized civilization to emerge over 8800 years ago in today's Khoozestan (Southwestern Iran).Today we know that these civilizations are much older than previously thought due to recent archeological discoveries. (Settlements at Susa date to 7th millennium B.C.E.) Iran had different civilization and empire and one of the most empire was Persian Empire , founded by Cyrus the Great around 550 B.C., became one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Europe’s Balkan Peninsula in the West to India’s Indus Valley in the East. This Iron Age dynasty, sometimes called the Achaemenid Empire. Persia is home to numerable historical, cultural and natural features that have been registered by UNESCO. Many people think of Persia as synonymous with Islam, though Islam only became the dominant religion in the Persian Empire after the Arab conquests of the seventh century. The first Persian Empire was shaped by a different religion: Zoroastrianism.Iran has fantastic landscapes and different places for visiting, greenlands and fantastic cool weather in the north ”Caspian Sea ” Warm and dry weather in the center and south of “ Persian Gulf ” And hottest spot of the planet earth on Lut Desert. Iran has exotic forests,mountains ,deserts and beautiful sites “ancient sites “ for visiting and hospitable people that will welcome any tourists.

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